The Vitality of the Sea    Successful treatment guaranteed with SeaCell® active - the feel good fibre.

 VENOSAN® 7000   once again, presents a genuine innovation

For the first time SeaCell® active fibre is being incorporated in a compression stocking VENOSAN® 7000 
This cellulose fibre contains not only silver, but also brown algae and has very special effects on human skin.

Antibacterial and fungicidal action                                                
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi                    
  • The effect of SeaCell® active is long lasting, even after 150 washing cycles
  • Algae have an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves itching
  • The minerals contained in the algae replenish mineral levels in the skin
 SUITABLE FOR:  Lymphoedema / Heavy swelling, Ulcerated legs with compromised skin condition 
  • Compression stockings with high stiffness and increased massage effect
  • V7000-Box-Front_Default.pngV7000-Box-Front_Default.pngSpecially suited for patients with severe swelling, Lymphoedema
  • Available in compression II (23 - 32 mmHg) & III (34 - 46 mmHg)
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large & X-large
  • Available in regular and short length
  • Below knee: open & closed toe, wide band for comfort
  • Thigh length: wide comfortable stay up band
  • Single leg: to waist with belt, open toe only  (Cc II only)

Colours:  Sahara   Black

  • 62% TACTEL® Polyamide
  • 26% LYCRA® Elastane
  • 8% Cotton
  • 4% SeaCell® active

  • VENOSAN® 7000 has been tested by numerous stocking wearers who confirm the beneficial effects on the skin.
  • The high stiffness - pressure increase related to the increase in circumference due to muscle movement – means that the stocking also exerts a pronounced massaging action on the leg.
  • The slim range makes stock keeping easier.

Compression garment indication
Compression stocking therapy
When and how to measure for compression stockings

cB Ankle 20-23 23-26 26-29 29-31
cC Mid-calf 29-39 33-42 36-45 39-47
cD Below the knee 28-38 32-41 35-44 38-46
cG Thigh 48-63 54-67 58-72 63-74
Length (cm) Regular and short length  
ID   Below knee AD   regular length 39-44
ID   Below knee AD   short length 34-39
IG  Thigh high AGH regular 68-78
IG  Thigh high AGH short 59-67
IK  Panty hose AT regular 74-85
IK  Panty hose AT short 67-74


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