VENOSAN®Compression Indication Guide

Class I             18-21 mmHg  Mild compression
  • Moderate varicose veins, moderate swelling
  • Varicose veins during pregnancy
  • Leg swelling following surgery
  • Following sclerotherapy (vein injections)
Class II           23-32 mmHg   Moderate compression
  • Chronic venous insufficiency, Deep vein thrombosis
  • Post-thrombotic syndrome, Severe varicose veins
  • Severe oedema, Venous ulcer
  • Lymphoedema, Orthostatic hypotension
Class III          34-46 mmHg   High compression       (Supplied on prescription only)
  • Used for severe cases of Lymphoedema or Lipoedema
  • For chronic venous insufficiency (weakness)
  • Pronounced oedema, Atrophie blanche
  • Dermatosclerosis, and after resolution of severe leg ulcers     
  • Severe arterial blood flow disorder
  • Severe neuropathological disorder
  • Weeping ulcers
“If concerned, please contact your doctor or therapist”


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