Stocking Applicators  & Aids

We have a range of stocking applicators and aids to assist you with the donning and doffing of your VENOSAN® garments.

Metal Frames - regular and large size
Socks® Jet On and Off Donner
EUREKA Slide on applicators
Donning Gloves
Body adhesive


METAL Frame Applicators   

Aids with donning and donning
Suitable for open and closed toe stockings


SOCKS® jet - On and Off Donner


EUREKA Slide On Applicators


VENOSAN® Dotted Gloves
Designed to protect stockings from damage and assist with donning and doffing                                                            
Available in packs of 10

COLTEX Roll On Skin Adhesive

This special adhesive is used for securing medical compression stockings and elastic bandages to arms and legs. Contains hamamelis (witch hazel) extract to soothe the skin.

 Do not use on broken skin. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.


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